What is Grapemob?

Grapemob is a crowdfunding platform for wine. Through our service, vineyards launch funding campaigns for whole vintages of their best wines. If the wines meet our standards, we share these campaigns with you, giving you direct access to great wines for a fraction of the cost.

What are the basics?

A wine campaign is created by a vineyard for the purpose of funding the production of a vintage. If successful the vineyard will distribute their wine directly to a broader market of wine enthusiasts, who collectively support innovative, local wines. The funding goal is the amount of money that the vineyard needs to cover their production costs. A campaign creator is the vineyard behind the campaign, who produces the wine. Backers are people who pledge money to a wine campaign. Rewards are what is given by campaign creators to backers who fund the wine. Rewards consist of cases of wine and access to special events.

How does Grapemob work?

Every wine campaign creator sets up their own campaign and chooses the funding goal and deadline. If people like the wine campaign, they can pledge money to support it. If the wine campaign succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers' credit cards are charged automatically and backers get their rewards. If the wine campaign falls short, no one is charged.

Who is Grapemob for?

Grapemob users are the pioneers of the “wine-to-table” movement. Vineyards connect directly with wine enthusiasts who are passionate about discovering innovative, local wine.

Who is Grapemob?

We are a group of people who are passionate about the local farms that grow our food and the local vineyards that produce our wine. We reject archaic supply models that reward the intermediaries, and benefit neither the producer nor consumer. Guided by the belief that wine enthusiasts and vineyards should be connected directly, we seek to use technology to simplify this supply chain and enhance local communities. Thus comes the wine-to-table movement.

How do backers know if a wine campaign reaches its goal?

Using the application, backers can view the progress of a campaign at any time. Once a wine campaign reaches its end date, if it had also reached the target funding each backer receives an email notification that the funding goal was met. We will also send a receipt for the quantity funded, and instructions for pickup or delivery.

What happens if a wine campaign reaches its deadline but not its funding goal?

If a wine campaign does not reach its required funding goal by its deadline, each backer receives an email notification explaining that the campaign goal was not met and payment will not be processed.

If I attend an event, how do I get my wine?

When you attend an event a Grapemob representative will assist you in picking your order and packing it for you to take home.

If I cannot attend an event, how do I get my wine?

It might happen that you are unable to attend an event. We’ll miss you, but we’ll help get your wine to you by sending it in an Uber. Simply indicate in your app that you will need to have your wine Uber’d, ensure that your Uber account is activated in our app, and we will send the wine to your home or chosen destination via Uber from the wine event.

Can I request a refund after the wine campaign has been funded but before I receive my wine?

You can cancel an order anytime prior to the campaign end date. If a wine campaign is successful in meeting its target, you will be charged on the campaign end date. No one is charged until a wine campaign meets its funding goal and the funding period ends. After this point you are not able to cancel your order or receive a refund.

Is there a place I can download the Grapemob logo?

Yes! The Grapemob Brand Assets page has hi-resolution versions of the Grapemob logo and other assets for creators, backers, and members of the press to download. Visit grapemob.com to find this.

If I have more questions, what should I do?

Have questions that weren't answered here? Please send any additional inquiries to info@grapemob.com. If you're a member of the press looking to reach Grapemob, please reach out to our marketing team via marketing@grapemob.com.

I'm interested in partnering with Grapemob. How can I get in touch?

Great! If you're an organization, institution, or entity interested in partnering with us, or if you’re interesting in access to our API’s for integration with a service that you offer, please reach out to us at partnerships@grapemob.com.

Where do Grapemob wineries/winemakers come from?

Wine campaigns come only from select wineries/winemakers that undergo thorough verification, including a rigorous wine vetting process.

How do backers receive their wine?

Backers can receive their wine by picking it up at wine events (we hold awesome events for every wine that is successful in its campaign), or by having it Uber’d from the wine event.

How do I start a wine campaign?

Anyone that meets our winery/winemaker requirements is eligible to launch a wine campaign on Grapemob. Once you have successfully created a vineyard profile, you are able to submit a wine campaign for review. For a wine campaign to be approved, it must meet our standards and adhere to our wine campaign requirements. It is published to our app once we approve the campaign. To begin this process visit grapemob.com and sign up as a vineyard.

How do I know a wine campaign creator is who they claim they are?

When a winery/winemaker sets up their account on Grapemob.com, they are required to submit details about their business. These details are confirmed by our team before the winery/winemaker can post a wine campaign that is publicly displayed.

Why do people fund wine campaigns?

Funding a wine campaign is more than just pledging funds for the purpose of crowdfunding wine. It is also about supporting the growth of local wineries while enjoying the fruits of their labour without the added overhead of conventional distribution. It is about joining a movement toward localization and community.

What do you get when you fund a wine campaign?

Backers that support a wine campaign on Grapemob get access to Grapemob's community buying power, resulting in exclusive wines and the opportunity to attend exclusive events hosted for the Grapemob community.

Does Grapemob have a responsible security disclosure procedure?

If you’ve discovered a potential bug or vulnerability with any of our services, please contact our tech team via techteam@grapemob.com.

How can I report something to Grapemob?

If you find anything wrong with a wine campaign, please reach out to us via contact@grapemob.com or use our feedback form that is built in to the app.

What are the OS/device requirements for the Grapemob app?

The Grapemob app requires iOS 7.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPad, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Where can I download the Grapemob app?

You can get Grapemob for iOS at the App Store.

What are the fees?

If a wine campaign is successfully funded, backers get their wine. It’s simple. You get wine directly from the producer, at their best possible price. No distributor fees. No broker fees. No retailer fees. Grapemob charges a small commission, as does the payment processor. If you choose to have your wine delivered via Uber, you will pay Uber for this service. If funding isn't successful, there are no fees.