The Story

Picture your last trip to a farmers market. Remember the feeling you had, knowing where your food came from, and meeting the people who worked to make it. It was nice, right? Now picture buying wine. What goes through your mind? Unfortunately, we rarely feel a connection with wine we buy, apart from a little picture on the bottle. There are always so many layers of distribution and retail between you and the vineyard. It’s impersonal, and it alienates you from the product (not to mention the added cost). It doesn’t have to be that way. And that’s why we started GrapeMob.

The Mission

It’s time for an honest wine-to-table movement. Guided by the belief that wine drinkers and vineyards should be connected directly, we’re using crowd-sourcing to make this happen. Crowd-sourcing allows vineyards and winemakers to allocate entire vintages in the same way they would to a large distributor without the added cost to the wine drinker.

The Company

We’re a group of people who think wine distribution can be simple and that technology is the key in achieving this. We value independent wine culture and the quality that goes along with it. We reject old supply models in favor of a holistic model that is good for vineyards, wine makers and wine drinkers.